Global League
Global League
We back pre-A AI/AIoT companies in the US from top angel networks with an average IRR 25%+, we build a process proven by 330+ exits.

Networks of Intelligence + Proven Method

Global League Fund is a $10MM venture fund in the US to back pre-A US startups enabling AI/AIoT/Digital Transformation, we select startups from top investor networks with an average IRR >25%, and build a disciplined process to facilitate collaboration with our LPs and industry experts for collective intelligence.

Partner with VC Lab, Founder Institute, top investors, and more.

About the Firm

Investing and Building with Networked Intelligence

We build a network of networks to co-invest with top investors and help our portfolio companies with venture-building networks.

Disciplined Process
•We build the selection process proven to get collective intelligence in top investor networks. 
•We collaborate with top angel networks and investors --- Tech Coast Angels, Central Texas Angel Network, Keiretsu Forum, Gaingels, and top decile VCs, etc.
•We select deals with inputs from LPs through a disciplined process.

Investment Committee  
•Experienced investment & industry advisors
•Investment Committees with investment veterans (combined experience > 50 years and average IRR > 25%)

Venture Building & Networks
•Curate 60+ industry experts venture building partners and advisors in North America and Asia
•Partner with 20+ accelerators and organizations to help with growth and fundraising

Meet Our Team

Jessie Chuang

Managing Partner

Henry Chen

Fund Strategy and Deal by Deal Investment Opportunities

Stage Focus of the Fund: Pre-A, post revenue, validated product in at least one market, scalable businesses.

Portfolio Construction: 20+ companies in “capital light” AI/AIoT in major emerging trends of the next 5 years.

Co-investing strategy: We don’t lead rounds. We build investor partnerships to co-invest & collaborate. 

We see our LPs as close partners, who can contribute their insights for investment decision-making, large LPs (>$1MM) can sit on our investment committee. And we share all insights curated from our process and learning from venture building with all LPs. 

Our LPs can co-invest with us without extra cost and join SPVs to access special deals vetted by our method and networks, including later stages and pre-IPO. 

The Mensarius Oath

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